Short Courses & Training

Understanding why fires start, how to fight them, and how to recognise hazardous situations and respond to them, is critical for people working in the fire protection industry and associated sectors.

Our fire safety short courses will ensure you and your staff are trained to the highest degree in order to keep the workplace safe.

If you're looking for specific fire safety training, we're happy to design a customised short course for your educational needs, contact us for more information.

Basic Fire Science and Knowledge and Use of Fire Extinguishers

Looking to learn the science of fire, types of extinguishers and how to put out a fire? This course is for you. The popular six-hour session teaches the basic principles of fire science and the various types of fire extinguishers and how each of them is used. Students also get 'hands on' experience using an extinguisher to put out a live fire.

Successful students gain NZQA unit standards 4647 and 3271 as well as receiving a Firetech Certificate.

Health and Safety and Workplace Emergencies

In this half-day course, students learn essential requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety in Employment Act [OSH] as well as workplace emergency procedures, including a wide range of potentially hazardous situations – both natural and man-made.

Successful students gain NZQA unit standards 497 and 16797.

Electrical "Training Limited Certificate"

This is suitable for the refrigeration and air-condition trades.

Fire Safety and Evacuation Warden Training

The purpose of this course is to provide the knowledge and training required for the Building / Chief / Head Warden and Fire Wardens to implement an approved Fire Evacuation Scheme.